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With more and more people purchasing goods online, many businesses have taken the decision to start selling their goods and products via one of the major Ecommerce platforms. Amazon is without doubt, a name that most people are familiar and millions of products are purchased weekly from Amazon's websites. So how can FPF Global help with Amazon FBA Services?

At FPF Global we handle the logistics of moving a customer's finished product into the appointed Amazon FC (Fulfilment Centre) whether that is within the UK, Europe or the U.S.A. Being an Amazon FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) Seller and having your products on their website is a massive opportunity - but getting your products into their fulfilment centre in the first place, can be complex and troublesome.

Amazon operates strict criteria for any inbound items coming to one of their fulfilment centre and this criteria can be variable. By this we mean that the criteria is subject to whether you are sending in loose cartons, a few pallets, a whole truck load and whether it is for delivery to a UK Amazon Fulfilment Centre or a European Amazon Fulfilment Centre. In addition to this, things such as the labelling of the cartons and/or pallets which are going into Amazon need to be done prior to delivery. You could leave this to your supplier to handle, but what is the barcode gets damaged whilst in transit? Amazon may not be able to accept the delivery and refuse the whole shipment. The costs involved in this from a Logistics perspective can be very high, not to mention the delay in getting your products into Amazon for selling on their website.

Fortunately with FPF Global we can take care of the whole process for you and can offer reliable Amazon FBA Services. We will ensure that situations such as deliveries being refused, damaged cartons, incorrect labelling and other issues are always avoided. As you can imagine, this service is quite involved and therefore a simple "one price fits all" scenario doesn't apply. We aim to structure our Amazon FBA Services around the individual needs of our customer. Please contact our office and we will discuss your requirements with you and explain how FPF Global can help your Ecommerce business.

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