About Us – FPF Global Limited

FPF Global Limited are a small independent UK freight forwarding company, located in Colnbrook, Berkshire - about 5 minutes away from London Heathrow airport.

The company provides international freight forwarding services, to clients across the UK, Europe, Far East and North America, handling both export and import freight consignments. The company is able to handle any sized consignment from small packages to multiple full container / full truck loads.

We like to establish long term relationships with our customers, where we can build on business and grow together over the years we work together. Being a smaller company, enables us to be totally flexible and to streamline services to suit the individual needs of the customer. Whereas one of our competitors may struggle to adapt their services, due to having a "fixed contract rate" with a carrier, or a "global deal" with a preferred carrier - you can be rest assured that we will always look to work out what is the best option for you, the customer.

If you are currently exporting and/or importing goods, but are looking to switch freight forwarding company, please get in touch with FPF Global today via our website or call 01753 911655.

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